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Heating and cooling your home can be expensive, but a programmable thermostat can help you control the energy costs.

Thermostats have come a long way as well, to the point where you can actually talk to them and tell them what to do. But fancy new capabilities are just some of the reasons why you should upgrade your thermostat.

Upgrading a thermostat may seem like something that only needs to be done when the old one stops working. If you have an old mercury-filled thermostat you should upgrade regardless of its condition or age. Those manual types lose precision over time, which means your HVAC system will begin to become less efficient as the thermostat wears out. You can improve the comfort of your home just by upgrading a thermostat to a modern programmable model.

Programmable Thermostats

Since a programmable thermostat is all electronic, it should never lose its precision. That means your HVAC system will be as efficient as possible when it's called on to either cool or heat your home. Plus, a programmable thermostat can be set to adjust temperatures whenever you choose, giving you total control of the exact times and degrees of heating or cooling your living space.

For example, during the day when everyone is away from home, you don't have to keep the interior space at a comfortable temperature. Depending on the season, you can set it for 5-10 degrees lower or higher, which saves energy that would be wasted heating or cooling a space that isn't occupied. Those savings alone can equate to between 10 and 30 percent on your energy bill, depending on the time of year. You also can program energy-saving settings for when you're asleep or on vacation.

Since 1982 Albert Air has been providing heating and cooling in Anaheim Hills, Brea, Fullerton, Placentia and Yorba Linda. Contact us today and we will help you select a thermostat upgrade that will match your system and needs.

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Highly recommended! I had a totally positive experience with Albert's Air in the purchase and installation of a home heating and air conditioning system. Jeff Albert came to my home and gave me excellent information about equipment options, with no sales pressure. Then he followed up promptly with a very reasonable estimate. His crew of two installers were totally professional in their work and demeanor: they were skilled, efficient, thorough, and informative, as well as respectful, considerate, and friendly. It was clear that they took pride in their work and conveyed a lot of useful information to me. Both the heating and air conditioning systems work great, and the very fair total cost matched the estimate exactly. Albert Air is based in Fullerton, CA, but they install systems throughout Southern California. They traveled the 35 miles to my home with no problem, showing up on time for all three appointments. In my experience, doing business with Albert's Air was as good as it gets.
Terry A. - San Pedro, CA
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