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Quality Installation Program (QI)

Get up to $1,100* in rebates

More efficiency means more savings. With our Quality Installation Program, you can lower your electric bill, improve the air quality in your home, and make sure your A/C is in top working order.

Did you know that 70% of air-conditioned homes have A/C units that exceed the home's cooling needs? A unit too large for your home costs more to run and uses more electricity. Plus, incorrect sizing or installation puts undue stress on components and shortens equipment life.

Simply replacing your old system may not save as much energy as you expected. That's why SCE offers our Quality Installation Program. When it's time for a new A/C system, this program makes sure your new air conditioner is sized properly for your home, and ensures its installation follows guidelines set by ENERGY STAR® -saving you the most energy and money. Plus you get a rebate of up to $1,100*.

SCE's Quality Installation Program eliminates common problems that can reduce the efficiency of your new A/C system:

  • Low airflow
  • Improper refrigerant charge
  • Duct leakage
  • Rebate Guidelines

    Use these charts as guidelines when you talk with your participating contractor.

    Let an approved ENERGY STAR® A/C Quality installer handle the job and SCE is offering up to $1,100* in rebates.

    Climate Zone Major Cities SEER 16 or higher Split Gas/Electric SEER 14 & 15 Heat pump & Packaged AC/Gas SEER 16 or higher Heat Pump & Packaged AC/Gas
    Huntington Beach550500550
    08 Downey850600850
    09Walnut850 600850
    Covina850 600850
    10Chino850 600850
    Redlands850 600850
    13Bakersfield1100 9001100
    Visalia1100 9001100
    14Searles850 600850
    Yuca Valley850 600850
    15Palm Springs1100 9001100
    Palm Desert1100 9001100
    16Tehachapi850 600850
    Pacoima850 600850

    ² AC Units must meet minimum requirements per equipment tier to qualify for rebate.
    ³ Heat Pump Units must meet minimum requirements per equipment tier to qualify for rebate.

  • How It Works

    When it's time to replace your A/C system, it is important to get a quality installation. Southern California Edison (SCE) is here to help you overcome the higher cost of installing high efficiency equipment and help the installing contractor overcome the higher cost of meeting ENERGY STAR® Quality Installation Guidelines. To ensure you get the best performance, your new equipment must be properly installed.

    How does Quality Installation help you? Our program focuses on the installation, making sure it meets ENERGY STAR® Quality Installation (QI) Guidelines, these guidelines include selecting the right high efficiency equipment to match the needs of your home.

    To make sure the equipment performs and the installation is right SCE provides a rebate of up to $1,100* to you after the equipment is installed. By participating in this program you can be assured that sound industry practices were used during the design and installation of the air conditioning system and that your equipment operates at the designed efficiency levels paying you back overtime through lower energy bills. Your installation costs can be substantially decreased when you combine this program with manufacturer rebates and the additional tax credits* potentially available for high efficiency equipment.

    You can be assured that participating contractors utilize sound industry practices during the design and installation of the air conditioning system. Note: A participating contractor must be used to be eligible for rebates. If you contact your preferred contractor and he decides to attend SCE's specific training and meets the requirements for participating contractors he would then be considered a participating contractor making you eligible for rebates.

    * Please consult your tax expert on any tax credit to which you may be entitled.

  • A/C Quality Installation

    An improper installation costs more in the long run - using more electricity, running up your bill, and making your Air Conditioning (A/C) work harder, which can shorten equipment life. You can lose as much as 30% of the cooling efficiency you're paying for.

    Rebate Guidelines

  • Quality Installation Guide

    The ANSI/ACCA 5 QI-2010: HVAC Quality Installation Specification is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved standard that describes the necessary steps a contractor must take to ensure a quality installation.

    Quality Installation focuses on how well the equipment is selected and installed. ENERGY STAR® has adopted the ACCA Quality Installation Specification as the basic guideline for its program, so your contractor's familiarity with it helps assure you of quality work.

    The QI Specification was developed by a broad coalition of industry experts, including contractors, original equipment manufacturers, utilities and industry associations. The core areas include:

    • Equipment aspects such as building heat gain/loss load calculations, equipment capacity selection and matched components (indoor and outdoor)
    • Installation aspects such as airflow, refrigeration charge and electrical requirements
    • Duct distribution aspects such as duct leakage and air balance
    • Documentation aspects such as proper system documentation and owner education.

    The QI Specification ensures that sound industry practices were used during the design and installation of the air conditioning system, meaning that your equipment operates efficiently and helps save you money as long as you use it, assuming proper maintenance. In order to maintain optimal operation throughout the life of the equipment, proper maintenance and servicing should be conducted as recommended by the installing contractor.

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