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Air Filter Replacement

There are only a few inches between you, and a clean and healthy home environment. The air quality inside your home can be worse than the air quality outside, and air filters are the key for filtering out contaminants. Without the proper air filter, you can see a significant decrease in air quality, and also a rise in energy bills!

Most homes have some sort of furnace, heat pump and or/air conditioner. uses some type of air filter or screen to prevent larger airborne particles from entering the system and clogging sensitive machinery. A system that has a dirty filter can suffer from pressure drop, which can lead to reduced air flow, or blow-out, resulting in no air infiltration at all. Any of these conditions can cause the system to work harder to keep the home warm or cool. Any mechanical component that has to work harder to run efficiently puts undue stress on the whole system, which can lead to premature failure, resulting in repair or replacement.

A dirty filter that's exposed to condensation can become damp, which can lead to mold growth that can be spread throughout the home by the HVAC system. This can lead to serious health consequences, not to mention a compromised unit that will likely require servicing and may require replacement, depending on the severity of the moisture problem.

When air filters are changed regularly, your energy bills can decrease and the air quality in your home will be better.

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Our 30 + yr old furnace and AC system needed replacement last Summer. We had 7 ( yes, SEVEN!) AC companies come out for estimates and was so confused with their recommendations! Half said we should move the units up in the attic for efficiency while others insist on leaving everything downstairs where things were. There was something about each proposal or representative that we were not comfortable with, until Nick Albert came....

Our 2 story home used to be significantly hotter upstairs in the Summer with the AC on. We even had to have fans blowing in our bedrooms during the night. We took Nick's great advise to move everything up in the attic. They also replaced our air ducts and vents; added returns and even cut out a new attic access in the hallway ( the original one is in our bedroom closet )...It was a big 4 day project but the 2 men crew was very well trained and professional; you can tell they have been doing this for a long time....

For the first time in our 19 years of living in this house, we can have ARCTIC COLD air upstairs in the Summer!! To our delight, we have also gained a nice new pantry in our kitchen as we converted the old furnace closet over. We suspect that others who recommended to leave the AC and furnace downstairs probably did not have the crew or skill to do the more challenging attic installation. We are so glad that we chose Albert Air to be our home heating/ cooling solution! They did a magnificent job plus they are an authorized dealer/installer for world renowned Carrier...We are very meticulous people and we are impressed !

Cindy C. - Anaheim, CA
Air Filter Replacement
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