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Fullerton AC Installation & Replacement

We cannot stress the importance of a quality AC installation enough. You can drop a large amount of money on top-of-the-line air conditioning equipment, but if the design and installation is not performed correctly, you could lose thousands of dollars in lost efficiency, equipment problems, or even unit replacement! Don't make that mistake. Have your Fullerton AC installation done by the pros.

Heating and air conditioning is like anything in life - you get what you pay for. You'd be surprised if you knew how many homeowners come to us after another HVAC contractor has done a job the wrong way. Trust us, you don't want to be in that situation. With Albert Air Inc. you know that your money is being invested in not only quality products, but an industry best Fullerton AC installation!

We have been serving Southern California customers since 1982, and received the Carrier President's Award to acknowledge are exceptional abilities and service. Call us today at (714) 526-6368.
Brea Air Conditioning Installation
Fullerton Air Conditioning Products

Products You Can Count On

Our 30+ years of experience have taught us many things. Among them are what products we can trust to provide customers with the finest solutions for their unique needs. From air conditioners to air quality to advanced thermostats - we've got you covered. HVAC Products
Fullerton HVAC Installation

Fullerton Air Conditioner Repair

Albert Air understands not only the importance of your cooling system, but the need to perform required A/C repair quickly, and accurately. We aren't learning on your dime, but instead bringing over 30 years of experience to the job. A/C Repair
Fullerton HVAC Maintenance

Seasonal Maintenance

The crucial ingredient to maintaining efficient, reliable cooling guessed it, maintenance. Neglecting this may not make your system break down tomorrow, but over time you'll notice higher utilities, and run the risk of needing pricey repair. A/C Maintenance
Fullerton HVAC Installation

Indoor Air Quality

A home can be like a big container trapping allergens, molds and other toxins in the air your family breathes. We are experts at helping customers improve the quality of their indoor air with equipment that integrates into your current system. Indoor Air Quality